(Prices are "Starting at")

Arm (full)                   $55               Full Face           $30

Arm (lower)              $35               Hands                $12

Bikini                            $25              Leg (lower)*    $35

Brows                 $12         Leg (full)**   $70

Men's Brows        $15         Nose            $12   

Chest or Back          $55              Stomach           $30

Chin or Lip           $12         Toe             $12 

Ears                    $12         Underarm     $20

Feet                               $12               ​​​

* Knees to toes                 **Below Bikini line

Lemon Zest Facial (60 minutes)

For sun damaged or hyper-pigmented skin.  This facial will exfoliate and brighten the skin with antioxidants and brightening benefits of lemon.  This facial has lightening capabilities and promotes deep hydration that protects from enviornmental damage while relieving the surface signs  of aging.

European Facial (60 minutes)

Our most basic facial, this facial is suitable for most skin types.  Elegant, fresh and refined, this 100% natural facial treatment will deeply cleanse, fully exfoliate, and wholly hydrate your skin.  Powerful herbal antioxidants and natural nutrients combine to correct skin texture and tone, which is important to sustaining beauty at any age.

Coconut-Papaya Facial (60 minutes)

Ideal for rosacea, sensitive, dry, rough and/or wrinkled skin.  Coconut and papaya dissolve dead skin cells, revealing healthy skin and a soft, smooth texture.  You will feel like you just went on a tropical vacation!


All facial services are customized to meet each client's individual needs.  Price varies depending on products.

Microdermabrasion can be added to any facial for $25

The following is just a sampling of the facials available.  Ask our esthetician for details!

Deep Back Cleanse (60 minutes)

The ultimate solution for taking care of the hardest to reach skin.  Minimizes unsightly breakouts by opening and super-cleaning congested pores.

Gentleman's Facial (60 minutes)

Men, revive your complexion!  Whether you need to focus on effects of sun exposure or breakouts from shaving.  Let this deep pore cleansing facial make you look and feel like a brand new man.  

Blueberry Smoothie Facial  With Microdermabrasion (60 minutes) ​​

This facial is perfect for anyone who wants to smooth, polish and brighten their dull skin and have an introduction to microdermabrasion with a light microdermabrasion treatment.

Teen Facial (75 minutes)

A serious solution to troublesome teen acne and blemishes.  This facial helps the skin combat oily patchiness, blotchiness, blackheads, and breakouts.  Give your teen a confidence boost with clear, clean skin.

Anti-Age Facial (90 minutes)

This facial helps counteract the signs of aging.  It rehydrates the skin, stimulates muscle tone and boosts collagen with a collagen and paraffin mask for a visibly younger-looking, firmer, and smoother skin.  A good facial for special occasions or picture-taking.  This facial will provide a complexion you will want to show off!