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                                                                                     Hot Oil Scalp Massage Description

First you will lay on a comfortable table face up or face down depending on the technicians preference.  If the treatment is done by Susan she has a massage mat on her table that she turns on for you (if you choose) to gently caress and massage your body for deeper relaxation. Your hair is saturated with warm water and oil is applied and the scalp massage begins. This treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. Susan also will wash your hair for you and allows you to dry your own hair, unless you wish to schedule a blow dry for an additional fee. All of the technicians do this treatment but only Susan washes your hair. You can choose to leave on the hot oil for deeper conditioning and wash your own hair at home which is good also but its whatever you choose to do. The treatment costs $45.00.

                                                           What are some of the benefits of Hot Oil Scalp Massage.

                                  Not only is this treatment extremely relaxing it actually has some wonderful benefits.

1. Scalp massage helps to loosen the scalp and neck allowing better blood circulation. When the scalp is tight usually  

     from stress the circulation is not as good which causes slow hair growth and even baldness.

2.  The hair like other parts of our body,  the oils give nourishment to helps strengthen the hair shaft and roots and to help 

      promote new hair growth.

3. The oils when massaged into the scalp helps soften the hair and it helps to restore the hair follicles and gives it a 

     nice shiny vibrant look and  provides energy and nutrition for the hair.

4. Hot oil when massaged into the scalp and the hair shaft Moisturizes, Rejuvenates and Replenishes dry damaged  

     hair and helps to prevent brittle split ends , bringing damaged hair back to life.

5. The oils helps  to soften and condition the hair, making it more manageable.

6. Not only is this treatment good for your hair and scalp but it helps those tight aching muscles to relax. This treatment can 

     be done before or after any treatment such massages, facials or body wraps. In fact, you could have a hot oil scalp

     treatment during a detox wrap. What a great way to spend a day to relax..




Hot Oil Scalp Massage