Massage - House Call

Our therapists will come to your location!

60 minutes - $95    90 minutes - $130

Chair Massage

Available at the workplace or special events, a chair massage is the quick answer to relaxing the neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  This is a fully clothed massage for someone "on the go."

​$1.25 per minute.  Workplace - minimum of $85

Hot Stone Massage

Heated river rocks are placed on key points of the body and combined with Swedish massage strokes to create warmth, comfort and total relaxation.

55 minutes - $85     85 minutes - $115


Good for your soul, great for your body.  Stimulating the reflex points on the feet and hands helps improve nerve and blood supply and helps nature to normalize the body.

​30 minutes - $38   55 minutes - $65   85 minutes - $95

Therapeutic Massage

A technique involving the use of slow, deep and specific massage strokes across the grain of the muscle to heal physical injuries, chronic tension and emotional stresses.

30 minutes - $38   55 minutes - $65   85 minutes - $95

Hot Oil Scalp Massage

​A wonderful relaxing scalp massage dedicated to just your head.  

​30 minutes - $38

Swedish Massage

​Gentle, firm, gliding strokes that promote relaxation, release toxins, stimulate skin and nervous system, and reduce stress.

30 minutes - $38   55 minutes - $65   85 minutes - $95

Pre-Natal Massage

For the mother-to-be.  Relieves lower back, hip, leg and foot discomfort and helps increase circulation and reduce swelling.  Enjoy a massage up to your delivery date (massages upon approval of your doctor).

​30 minutes - $38   55 minutes - $65   85 minutes - $95